24.12.2022I wish everyone a joyous Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Ariana Marie

náhled: I wish everyone a joyous Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Ariana Marie

24.4.2022WORKSHOP - OPENING THE DIVINE VOICE - Qi Gong and Taoist meditation - 24.4. 2022

náhled: WORKSHOP - OPENING THE DIVINE VOICE - Qi Gong and Taoist meditation - 24.4. 2022







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Thanks to everybody who enriched me this year with his piece of knowledge and experience not only in terms of music, but also in life. I’m looking forward to future meetings, new tasks, new challenges, opportunities… I wish a successful year to you, too, as most reasons for happiness as possible. Enjoy each of your personal victories, not forgetting the minuscule ones. Warmly, Ariana

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BLESSED, CALM AND JOYFUL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY full of beautiful music and lovely gatherings to all of you with love from Ariana


After all I managed to make a little Christmas music video - a greeting card for you, hopefully delightful. Many thanks to everyone who was willing to help and who is sharing my musical and confectionery activities. It’s very important and I appreciate it a lot. smiley Thank you for your support.


During the summer I was going in for Italian. It’s such a beautiful and required language for singing opera arias. From my point of view it’s an expression of liberty, freedom of motion.. I keep on studying it and big thanks belong to my teacher Filip Timingeriu for his perfect mentoring. He adores Italian as much as Mrs. PhDr. Marie Kronbergerová, Ph.D. who I appreciate a lot for her work and for her amazing personality above all. She helped me enormously with the translations and a right pronounciation of the old Italian texts.

I naturally continue with teacher Mrs. Pavla Zumrová who pleases my soul with full awakening of voice and life optimism at every singing lesson. The daily work on the TAO techniques (not only breath) for peace of mind and concentration is also very important for me. Here come my thanks to Mrs. Tatiana Filippová, the founder of TAO centre in Prague, for her long-term mentoring and support. Mrs. Tatiana is an instructor of the international TAO system of Master Mantak Chia.

Last but not least I want to express gratitude to Alexandra. We have been cooperating for a year already. Alexandra Borodulina is kind of „the embodiment of music“ and I’m always looking forward to her strict and accurately aiming remarks during rehearsals. =0)

I wish you all a wonderful autumn that I decided to liven up with more „sweet melodies“ and flavours because of constantly growing interest.. I restored my confectionery trade for occasional baking. On FB confectionery profile you will soon learn more.



I would like to express my thanks to everyone who was sharing the musical delight with me during the concert in Roztoky u Prahy. The favourable audience in a pleasing mansion milieu of the Historical Hall, beautiful sunny day..

I can’t forget to emphasize the piano accompanist Mrs. Alexandra Borodulina whose performing wasn’t initially planned, therefore she wasn’t mentioned on posters and invitations. The cooperation with Alexandra is inspiring me constantly. Thanks a lot for the support.


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I sincerely give thanks to everyone who was sharing a passion to arts with me and was helping me move upward by inches in 2015..

I wish you blessed Christmas filled with love and beautiful music, just as many enriching (not only) musical meetings in 2016. The light may be your faithful companion on your life journey. Ariana


A successful audio recording of a song AVE MARIA (Ch. C. Saint-Saëns) in the recording studio of HAMU (the Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague. It was my pleasure to record this piece in collaboration with Mr. Aleš Kaspřík (cello), Mr. Leoš Čepický (violin) and Mr. Jakub Čepický (viola) from the Wihan Quartet and an oboe player, Mr. Vojtěch Pospíšil. The musical arrangements from Tomáš Janoška give a really pleasant impression. The song is going to be published before Christmas. Big thanks for an amazing cooperation come deservedly to Mr. Ondřej Urban, the sound master.


The initiation of singing tutorial with Mrs. Pavla Zumrová, the female singer and founder of The Music Academy of Prague. I’m really pleased that someone is interested in the evolution of my voice and in work with me. The singing consultations with Mrs. Zumrová are very enriching and I appreciate a lot that somebody taken up with his own work, as she undoubtedly is, dedicates a part of his time to me.


Since the beginning of September I’ve been co-operating with an excellent pianist and accompanist on my repertoire. I was looking for someone reliable and conscientious for a long time.. Alexandra Pospisil - Borodulina deserves my admiration and big thanks as she’s always trying to help me while permanently working on herself, imbued with music.

Alena Nachtigalová (www.nachtigallartists.cz) was the one who recommended me Alexandra, just as a string quartet that is essential for one of my projects..  So far, one brief rehearsal took place at HAMU and we prepare the recording of a „pre-Christmas“ song in tribute to 180th birth anniversary of French composer Charles Camille Saint-Saëns. I’m very glad that Mr. Vojtěch Pospíšil, the oboist, joined us and so it‘s possible to use an arrangement by Tomáš Janoška for the prepared song.

If we can agree on further collaboration with the quartet, I will state everything here on my website, by their leave. The original intention of co-operation with The Ančerlovo Quartet (for what I was really looking forward, by the way) came to nothing in the end. They are apparently very busy..


All summer I was focusing on an instensive course of TAO techniques (not only breathing exercises) and Chi Kung under the professional tutelage of the female lector of TAO center in Prague. Then I could put acquired knowledge and experience to good use for singing exercises. I was trying to interconnect both methods and I become conscious of great contribution in terms of better concentration and body ease, fluent breath… I’m certainly going to develop my work on these techniques.


From the beginning of the year 2015 I’ve been working with my colleagues on preparation of my new repertoire: folk songs, belcanto arias, arias from operas and artificial songs. My great thanks belong to the harpsichordist Mr. Filip Dvořák for beneficial accompanists and his kind help in choosing my repertoire of the belcanto arias.

Tomáš Janoška – the student of composers‘ department on the Prague Conservatoire created on my request beautiful arrangements of artificial songs for string Quartet. Terms of Vítězslav Novák, Antonín Dvořák and Richard Wagners‘ songs. Then there are more setups of folk songs from Leoš Janáček and Rosinas‘ aria – Una voce poco fa – from the opera The Barber of Seville (G. Rossini). I specially thank to the professor Mr. Eduard Douša for his help and support in this project.

I appreciate encouragement and assistance of Mrs. Feng-Yün Song very much. She is a singer and a voice teacher who brought me to techniques of voice and breathe based on Čchi-kung and Tchai-ťi practice.


The 21st February 2015 there was the Welcoming Chinese New Year. I was honored to be a guest on this occasion; talking about interconnection between Čchi-kung and proper breathing during the process of singing. I was also singing folk songs accompanied by Jindřich Vobořil (acoustic guitar). As an illustration of work with voice I demonstrated the belcanto aria – Vieni, al prato (F. Masini) – and Azucenas‘ aria – Stride la vampa! – from the opera Troubadour (G. Verdi); unaccompagnied.


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