Ariana Marie


Music and chocolate. With a slight exaggeration I can claim that there are two main ingredients in a recipe to continue - my life. It should be noted that I always need both mentioned resources in stock in abundant amount! But as well as a cook tries to find the right ratio of tastes to prepare a dish, I learn to understand my main ingredients in life.

You probably born with an affection to music, but I even deepened my passion for sweets by studying Confectionary. Even though, after having a personal experience in this field, I can certify that confectioners are the real masters and results of their creation are the work of art (the hand-modeled caramel roses worth mentioning), I have chosen music and singing first of all. However, I consider as an advantage a fact that besides the quality music I safely identify a piece of dessert de luxe!

A blissful feeling being caused by tasting a nibble of cake in a cozy cafe is similar to a state which I experience while listening a beautiful melodic song or aria from the 18 th century. And in this composition author’s mental motives, emotions and thoughts are reflected… Was he in love? Hopeless? Or even hopelessly in love?

The impulse of a Parisian whipped cream is teasing my taste buds and gorgeous tones are vibrating my soul…

In spite of my close relationship to Confectionary, the vital ingredient number one won on the full line: the music, much more durable compared to a whipped cream dessert. There are no „minimum expiration dates“ on scores of songs or operas…

With regard to music education I take myself for an „eternal student“. I started to go to the Folk School of Arts in the same time I boarded studies on confectionary field. I was yearning to play piano, but there was only one free discipline at that moment: singing with an obligatory guitar. I took the risk and it was the best decision; I fell for singing and was absolutely sure I want to continue studying it.

After the Folk School of Arts there was some time spent at the Folk Conservatoire (the Jaroslav Ježek‘s Conservatoire at present) and years of private lessons were to come. I’m also very grateful for opportunities to study at the Conservatoire in Teplice and at the International Conservatoire in Prague.

I can’t evaluate or compare difficulties in playing various musical instruments; we are overcoming diverse obstacles while trying to master them. However, I agreed with colleagues and teachers that singing is one of the most difficult and „sensitive“ fields. Because you are your own musical instrument and you need to always be „tuned“, psychically and physically balanced, tough and healthy self-confident.

I like more music styles, but their common basis are the simple folk song and the classical music. On these strong roots could grow a trunk, branches and leaves of an incalculable amount of musical directions we register today.

I feel as my duty to interpret pieces which somehow affect me. As if they themselves encourage me to help to preserve them for future generations. People should perceive music composers‘ messages from different eras, remember their origin and develop a love to art, respect for the permanent values and monuments.

I’d like to embolden individuals who feel betrayed by surroundings and life twists from what they desire with all their hearts – they just don’t feel the power and the will to show their potential.

I returned to singing after twenty years and it cost me a lot of energy. Some teachers were supporting me, others „broke a stick“ over me. I nevertheless don’t regret my decision. I want to continue the education in music; there are so many things I still don’t know, so much beautiful music I haven’t listened yet…

The music is noble and therapeutic agent for a spirit. Doing it for pleasure, you spread these properties around and connect everything that breathes. You unify opposites, mutually enrich people of differet nationalities and incompatible natures at first sight. There is nothing more delightful than a sense of fulfillment when you perceive that everybody pulls together and has the purest and joyest intention; to transmit beautiful experience and emotions to listeners and themselves. Of course, especially the interpret has to experience good and pure feeling from his performance - and thus convey his essence resulting the listener leaving his concert charged with positive energy and having a zest for life.